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Medical Hypnosis

Because Hypnosis has been proven to be successful in dealing with stress and anxiety, it is a naturally effective and pleasant way to provide relaxation and comfort before and after a medical or dental procedure.

I work with clients to create personalized imagery and statements with imagined successful outcomes. We then practice these until the client has learned to use "Self Hypnosis" to aid them in there entire process:

  • Pre Procedure

  • During the Procedure

  • Post Procedure

  • To Ultimate Comfort and Healing

Relax and receive hypnosis via phone or zoom in your own home.

At times I create recordings that I can send to a client's phone by Drop Box or whatever method is most easily have available. This way clients can listen and rather than fearing  a situation, can appreciate it and utilize a medical procedure to empower their own inner wisdom and abilities.


In some cases, clients will be asked to confirm the use of Medical Hypnosis with their physican. There is an increased awareness and appreciation for Medical Hypnosis by the medical profession. Studies have proven that hypnosis helps a person to::

  • Heal More Quickly

  • Require Less Medication in many instances

  • Reduce Time in the Hospital

In every case, the clients I have worked with report that they feel "in control" of their medical or dental procedure, feel more relaxed, and are themselves able to influence a most successful outcome!

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