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Past Life Regression & "Life Between Lives" Sessions



In 1988, I was fortunate to enroll in a class at AAPLE,  the Association for the Alignment of Past Life Experience, in Pasdena, CA with Dr. Morris Netherton. This year-long experiential study profoundly boosted my understanding of reincarnation and how we as souls return to earth in human bodies carrying "memories", "messages" and "behaviors" between what seem to be previous incarnations.


I offer Past Life Therapy work to clients seriously seeking therapeutic help with chronic issues, both physical and emotional. This work addresses "old programming and patterning" that causes the same repeated behavior, which inevitably yields the same results, making one feel stuck and unable to reach their true goals. 


Past Life Regression Sessions

During a Past Life Session, a person is gently guided to the source of the issue and guided through the "events" that have "seared in" the message of the "old programming".  It is a Regression experience. In many cases, the sessions are longer and result in freedom from "old patterns of thought and behavior" and a even a greater awakening to the knowledge of the soul.


What Past Life Regression Is Not - Please Read

Past Life Regression is not a replacement for the diagnosis or work by your physician.

This is NOT for the curious public, past life tourism or a "reading" of any kind.


Life Between Lives Sessions

It's profound how much the Life Between Life Sessions as taught by Dr. Michael Newton  have changed. The reason I call it profound is the reason it is evolving, it because humans, as souls, are evolving. Hopefully, this heightening of human awareness will serve to raise the current vibration of our planet.

I have found that to be human is to be Divine, in the most expended sense of the word. I have been updating my work with this process, working with colleges to develop more updated appropriate methods for the highest realms of the soul mind. Until I feel that I've adjusted my practice, I am removing these sessions from my offerings.

It is only temporary because this is my deepest calling.

And your inquiries regarding this work are welcome any time.

Thank you for your understanding and respect.

Nancy Brown, CHt.


"Nancy Brown shepherded me through two past life regression sessions leading to a Life Between Life session that opened my understanding of who we are and the permanence of the soul’s journey beyond time and space. It has profoundly changed my life and continues to do so. She is a gifted hypnotherapist and a gentle guide into a home we all know, on some level, but rarely reach into so deeply. "

- MM -

What Past Life Therapy can do for you

Access the Past...

    Enrich the Present & the Future

There are many books related to Past Life Therapy.

If you'd like to begin learning about Past Lives and Past Life Therapy, these books would be a good intorduction and beginning. There are many more out there as well. Dr. Brian Weis was one of my early teachers and was always gentle, kind and enjoyable.

Find out through many sources about Past Life Therapy

Having been trained in the Newton Method of Life Between Lives Hypnotic Regression, I am recommending his books.

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