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Hypnosis & Regression Therapy

While in the relaxed state gained through hypnosis, Regression Therapy is used to help you access the "Initial Sensitizing Event" or experience that which is the source or cause of a belief or behavior in your life today.
These are like memories that are really not remembered consciously at all.  Instead, they wield their power over body & mind from a deeper unconscious part of the mind.

With various methods of guidance, you will be able to locate the source and also view it with your conscious critical thinking. At this moment, you will have the opportunity to reevaluate the event, its' current effect and make a new decision about how you would rather respond in your life moving forward.
In essence, you will be able to change your life by changing the way you respond or react to a similar type of emotionally or physically charged event. You gain control and have the power to make clear choices now.


   Only within yourself
exists that reality for which you long.

   I can give you nothing
that has not already its being within yourself.

   I can throw open to you
no picture gallery but your own soul.

Hermann Hesse

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